There are 3 ways to be involved in Space for Food

Whether for a space agency or an Earth-bound community, sustainable food and freedom from food insecurity matter wherever humans go. If you’re into Controlled Environment Ag, Cellular and Microbial Ag, Regenerative Ag, biomaterials\circular packaging, and the food systems that will make this all possible, there’s room for you in the Space for Food community. 

Space for Food will be hosting free educational events built around the NASA and Canadian Space Agency Deep Space Food Challenge for early stage innovators in the above areas for learning, community, and introductions to industry experts, resource partners, and peers to help them succeed faster. 

Want to know more? Answer a few questions so we can help you see where you fit. Don’t worry, we don’t ask for any confidential information and there are no strings attached.


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Providing resources and expertise to share with the Space for Food teams

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